Generate your Oracle APPS documentation within minutes.
Every Oracle eBusiness implementation requires a detailed documentation of the configuration applied. It takes time to write that document a first time, and takes even more time to keep the documentation up to date with the evolution of the eBusiness setup.
The final documentation, when it exists, lists all setup steps, but does not describe the relationships between all configured objects. The document is static, and doesn't help to explain the configuration. The lengthy document arrives on the dusted shelf.
Run a concurrent program that generates your setup documentation
Popay created a document generator for several parts of the eBusiness suite, structured in such a way that it follows the logic of the configured application.
Documentool lets you explore your technical setup configuration, and an intuitive search function lets you find the information you seek, so you can get rid of ad hoc sql statements to answer configuration questions.

Documentool for flexfields

This concept was implemented first for the flexfields of all applications, and Popay Documentool for Flexfields is available for free on this website.

Documentool for Payroll

Based on our in depth knowledge of Oracle payroll, we created Documentool for Oracle’s payroll engine. The output ties payroll classifications, element types, input values, balances, fast formulas, database items and user defined tables together, following the internal logic of the payroll processing.

Documentool for Hrms

Many customers asked us why we had no similar tool for Oracle Hrms. Since we could not come up with a decent answer, we developed a solution for Hrms, listing all the work structures, hierarchies, flexfield information, security setup, and many more.