Q: Is it possible to install Documentool on other databases then Oracle.
A: For the moment, you can install Documentool only on an Oracle database, since all code is pure pl⁄sql.
Q: When will Documentool be available for Sql Server?
A: For the moment, you can install Documentool only on an Oracle database. We are still debating internally if we should create a database independent Documentool engine version.
The shortlist of languages to port the Documentool engine: Java, Javascript, Python and Ruby.
Save harbor: since we run for the moment only on Oracle, we include a disclaimer that the list above is no official statement at all.
Q: I want to develop Documentool for Finance.
A: Please do so. Drop us a line, so we can help you a little further. The Documentool engine is free to use, download and include in whatever development project.
If you miss functionalities, find undocumented features, or have enhancement requests on the Documentool engine, drop us a line at documentool at popay dot be.
Q: Is Documentool open source? Is Documentool for free?
A: Documentool is not open source. But we cannot guarantee the engine will never become part of the Open Source community. For the moment, the Documentool engine is free to download, use, include and distribute.
Documentool for Flexfields and Documentool for Alerts are free tools.
Documentool for Hr and Documentool for HR are commercially licensed products.
Q: I want some extra features within the Documentool engine.
A: Please drop us a line. We will evaluate your request, and will let you know asap if we will adjust the Documentool engine accordingly.
Q: I need to develop a BI Publisher report on my project. Can I use the Documentool engine to generate the XML output?
A: Yes. Please.
Q: When will the tool be able to upload the eBusiness configuration?
We have no plans to change Documentool so that it can also upload your configuration. We will let you know when we change our mind.
Q: What versions of the eBusiness suite do you support?
We support the same versions that Oracle supports. Basically that is version 11.5.9 and 11.5.10 and the R12 family.
Q: We are still on 11.5.7, but would like to use Documentool for Hr.
Good idea. But you are on a non-supported version. But you are not the only one. We will see if we can help you with a tailor made version, or a stripped down version.
Q: Great tool. But what does it costs?
Documentool for Flexfields is free. So is Documentool for Alerts.
For Documentool for Hrms and Documentool for Payroll, license prices start at 5000 Euro, per business group. Add yearly support costs on top of it.
Think how long a consultant will need to create the same documentation. And how many times you need to update your documentation when your setup changes. And then you only have a static document.
Q: I run the concurrent program, it finishes without error, I click the output button, but nothing happens? I should see a download dialog box, no?
You're not the only one. It has to do with security settings within Internet Explorer. Documentool generates a pcl file, and when you activate "Automatic prompting for file downloads", it should work.