July 2008
On popular request, the free Documentool for Flexfields has been enhanced so that you can generate now documentation for a specific application, or range of applications.
Some output samples are present on the site for Process Manufacturing, Purchasing, Receivables and Payables. We skipped Hr for once. Notice too that the new site layout has been applied for the html output.
Documentool on Apex
Oracle Application Express (aka Apex, and tafka Htmldb) is a declarative development tool to generate web pages right out of your Oracle database via sql en plsql. Since the Documentool software is already plsql, and all the data needed is in an Oracle eBusiness Suite database, we happy married both.
Documentool on Apex is completely integrated with the eBusiness suite. You can only start it from Apps menus, or from Apps screens. When you want to start Documentool on Apex from outside the eBusiness Suite, you are prompted for your apps user and password.
The current version generates real-time documentation for element types, balances, user defined tables and organizations. You understand that this is not the final list.
A first customer is using it in a production environment. We will publish more output and background info in the very near future.
June 2008
We changed the layout of the site.
March 2008
New output is available from a Vision 11.5.10 instance. We have generated the documentation for the Vision Canada business group.
We have changed our internal infrastructure, and started working on virtual machines with VmWare. Why haven't we done that before?
January 2008
The first version of the site appears on the web. Finally.
We have used the Treepad Business Edition to create the web content.